Abstract topics


Abstracts are now under review. Each abstract will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The organisers may reject any abstract that does not comply with the submission instructions.


After the notification of authors for the accepted papers, the guidelines for oral presentations and the instructions for poster presentations must be followed (see below).

The abstracts scheduled for presentation in parallel sessions (oral presentations) and the poster sessions during coffee and lunch breaks (poster presentations) will be published in the book of abstracts. All participants will receive this book of abstracts.


Oral presentation

For every presentation 10 minutes are foreseen.

It is very important that the presentations do not exceed the time agreed upon so that there will be time for interaction with the audience. At the end of the presentation, 5 minutes will be foreseen for additional questions of the public. The chairman of the session will alert you if you cross the time frame.

Please take into account the following guidelines:

  • When you are creating your presentation, use standard fonts such as New Times Roman or Arial.
  • Make a backup presentation to take with you to the meeting in the case of lost luggage, theft or incompatibility.
  • Using your own laptop computer for a presentation is not allowed.
  • At arrival, please go to the room of your session to hand over your presentation (Windows readable USB Flash Drive) to the chairman.

    Your presentation will be loaded on the computer. Arrive at your session at least 30 minutes before the session begins.

Poster presentation

Poster boards will be provided. Print your poster on plain white paper (Size A0) with a laser printer or inkjet printer. There is no facility to print the poster at the conference.

Please take into account the following guidelines:

  • The title of your poster should appear at the top in CAPITAL letters about 25mm (1″) high.
  • The author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) are put below the title.
  • The smallest text on your poster should be at least 9mm (3/8″) high, and the important points should be in a larger font. Make your poster as self-explanatory as possible.
  • Use color to highlight and make your poster more attractive, by using photographs, diagrams, graphs, figures, etc.
  • Print A4 versions of your poster to give to your audience.
  • During poster sessions, the responsible for the poster should be near the poster.

Material for attachment will be provided to attach your posters to the boards. Your poster must be posted between 08:00 and 09:00 of the 27th of November and removed between 17:00 and 18:00 of the 28th of November. If your poster is left behind, it will be discarded. The staff at the registration desk will give you the necessary information where you can attach your poster. The posters will be grouped by topic. The abstracts scheduled for presentation in the poster session will also be published in the book of abstracts. All participants will receive this book of abstracts.