Call for abstracts


We invite you to submit an abstract on one (or more) of the following topics:

Fertilising with manure, digestate and derived products
  • Fertilising value of manure & digestate treatment products
  • Advances fertilisation management
  • Precision farming and innovations in fertilization techniques
Product innovations and new markets for manure & digestate
  • Economic & marketing aspects
  • Quality aspects of (new) products derived from manure & digestate
  • Policy impact on market development and marketability
Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment
  • Environmental technology: optimizations and innovations in treatment processes
  • Renewable fertilizers: nutrient recovery / nutrient upcycling
  • Organic carbon / fibre recycling and utilization
  • Manure / digestate and derived products as basis for biomass growth (algae, insects,…)
  • Water recovery and re-use
  • Innovative processes for energy production from manure
Environmental impact of manure/ digestate management and treatment
  • Greenhouse gas / carbon footprint
  • Impact on soil quality
  • Impact on surface and groundwater quality
  • Effectiveness of policy measures on protection of the environment
  • Cross-media effects


Each abstract will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The organisers may reject any abstract that does not comply with the submission instructions.

AUTHORS WILL BE NOTIFIED ABOUT THE RESULTS OF ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FROM OCTOBER 15, 2017. After the notification of authors for the accepted papers, the guidelines for oral presentations and the instructions for poster presentations must be followed.

I. Guidelines

See template

II. Abstract template

Here you can find the template for abstract submission. Only Word-files (.doc or .docx) will be accepted. Accepted abstracts will be reproduced in the programme booklet exactly as submitted; no proofreading will be done.

III. Abstract submission

For the submission of your abstract, please go to this page.

The abstract must be submitted by the deadline of September 8, 2017.

More than one abstract may be submitted by each person but only one presenting author per abstract is permitted. One presenter may have more than one poster presentation but it is not possible to make more than one oral presentation in the programme. The person who submits the abstract is the contact person for all communication regarding the abstract and its eventual presentation.