Monday 27th November 2017

TimeframeConference part
8:00 - 9:00Registration and welcome coffee (Evoluon, Koepel)
9:00 - 9:30 Official opening (Evoluon, Philips Hall) of ManuREsource 2017 and welcome speeches by:

  - the organizing committee (Dhr. Dirk Denorme, president of VCM)

  - Deputy of Province Noord-Brabant (Ms. Anne-Marie Spierings)
9:30 - 9:45Keynote lecture by Harm Smit from the Ministery of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (Evoluon, Philips Hall)
9:45 - 10:15Legislative procedure new EU Fertilizer Regulation by Johanna Bernsel, legal officer DG GROW (Evoluon, Koepel)
10:15- 10:45Coffee break and poster session (Evoluon, Koepel)
10:45 - 12:15 Panel debate 'Transition towards a circular economy' (Evoluon, Philips Hall)

Different stakeholders (policy, research, mineral fertilizer industry and manure processors) will discuss on the possibilities, challenges and bottlenecks related to the central theme of the conference, i.e., the transition to a circular economy in manure and digestate processing and use.

The members of the panel are:

Wim Debeuckelaere, European Commission, DG Environment

Prof. dr. Fabrizio Adani, University of Milan, IT

Kees Langeveld, Vice President Business Development ICL Fertilisers Europe, NL

Elisabet Nadeu, Rural Investment Support for Europe (RISE) Foundation

Maurice Ortmans, manager of manure processing company Terramass, NL
12:15 - 12:30 Call for actions
- Working group manure processing and end-of-manure by Ministery of Agriculture

- Questionnaire Biorefine Cluster on Nutrient Recycling Community
12:30- 14:00Lunch and poster session (Evoluon, Koepel)
14:00 - 15:15Flash presentations (Evoluon, Philips Hall) by our sponsors:

Provincie Gelderland, Kees Kroes (LTO Noord, NL)

Nijhuis industries, Wilbert Menkveld (NL)

Best Hall, Paul Goris (NL)

BASF, Jorge Sanz-Gomez (DE)

GMI, Chris Voell (USA)

Rika Biofuels, Gregory Krupnikovs (UK)

VP-Hobe, Roel Keursten (NL)

Dorset, Henk Haaring (NL)

Eurofins Agro, Ad Merks (NL)

N2 Agri, Rune Ingels (NL)

Real Shit, Federico Lodolini (IT)
15:15- 16:30

Fertilizing with manure, digestate and derived products

Chair: Lars Stoumann Jensen, Copenhagen University, DK

Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment

Chair: Sergio Piccinini, CRPA, IT

Environmental impact of manure/digestate management and treatment

Chair: Fabrizio Adani, Milan University, IT

WORKSHOP: Value of European research projects for manure and digestate processing companies

Chair: Erik Meers, Ghent University, BE

Philips Hall

A farm scale sustainable process based on digestate microfiltration aimed at fertigation through drip lines

Moscatelli, G., CRPA, IT

Overview of the potential of bioelectrochemical systems to improve anarobic digestion effluent and performance

Bonmati, A., IRTA, ES

Minimizing N2O emissions during sustainable nitrogen removal from pig manure co-digestion

Peng, L., Antwerp University, BE

Future funding opportunities under H2020

Mahy, L., DG AGRI

Can acidification increase nitrogen fertilizer value of bio-based fertilizers?

Sigurnjak, I., Ghent University, BE

Recovery of ammonium from digestate as fertilizer

Menkveld, W., Nijhuis Industries

Decentralized recycling of digested residues in agricultural regions: A multidimensional sustainability assessment

Vaneeckhaute, C., Laval University, CA

EIP-AGRI, Focus groups and results of relevant focus groups including the nutrient recycling focus group

Desimpelaere, K., EIP-AGRI Service Point

Validation of the fertilizing performance of phosphorus and nitrogen salts recovered from pig manure in on-farm field trials in Germany and Spain

Ehmann, A., University of Hohenheim, DE

Farms for the future: innovation for sustainable manure management from farm to soil

Ortiz, C., Catalan Ministry of Agriculture, ES

Response of the soil microbiome to processed manure or digestate amendment: no negative effects on soil quality

Vandecasteele, B., ILVO, BE

The BioRefine Cluster Europe: a collaborative framework of European project resulting in higher impact and research capitalization

Michels, E., UGent, BE

Tailor made digestate products by blending with animal manure products, compost and mineral fertilizers

Vanden Nest, T., ILVO, BE

Hydrogen production and nutrients recovery from digestate using microbial electrochemical technologies

Pepè Sciarria, T., Milan University, IT

Increasing the potential of farm-scale anaerobic digesstion in Flanders

Vergote, T., Ghent University, BE

Implementing nutrient recovery at the largest Belgian biogas plant in frame of H2020-BBI

Dedeyne, H., AM POWER, BE

16:30- 16:45Coffee break and poster session (Evoluon, Koepel)
16:45- 18:00

Product innovations and new markets for manure & digestate

Chair: Vaneeckhaute, C., Laval University, CA

Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment

Chair: Prof. dr. Willy Verstraete, Ghent University, BE

Environmental impact of manure/digestate management and treatment

Chair: Bart Vandecasteele, ILVO, BE

WORKSHOP: Analysis of the effectiveness of Flemish and Dutch manure legislation

Chair: Jan van Bergen, Ministerie Infractructuur & Waterstaat, NL

Philips Hall

Which tailor made digestate based organo-mineral blends are ready for marketing in Flanders and elsewhere?

Boogaerts, C., VLACO, BE

The concentration and treatment of anaerobic digestates using hybrid membrane - freeze-thaw processes

Lovitt, R., Membranology Ltd, UK

Biogas digestate processing - a cost efficient and climate friendly strategy for nutrient export from surplus regions?

Roth, U., KTBL, DE

Evaluating the Dutch fertilizer and manure policies: How successful were they in reaching the targets of the Nitrate Directive and Water Framework Directive?

Bleeker, A., PBL, NL.

Emerging value in the US agricultural digester market

Voell, C., EPA/GMI, US

Nature-based manure & digestate valorisation: promising business cases

Van Dijk, W., WUR, NL

Framework for assessing co-effects and trade-offs of low-emission transition pathways to meet 2030 climate objectives in the Dutch livestock sector

Spijker, E., JIN Climate & Sustainability, NL

Perspectives on agricultural nutrient management policies in Flanders. A pressure impact-analysis. A pressure impact-analysis of current policies to identify new possibilities of mitigation.

Van Gijseghem, D., VLM Policy, BE

Economic feasibility of using struvite from the Netherlands as phosphate fertilizer

Postma, R., NMI, NL

A full-scale hydrodynamic cavitation pretreatment in an agricultural biogas plant: monitoring results

Piccinini, S. CRPA, IT

Gaseous emission measurement and environmental assessment at a biogas plant

Torrellas, M., IRTA, ES

Discussion on manure legislation effectiveness

Towards a circular economy on world scale

Derikx, P., WUR, NL

The recovery of amino acids and phosphorus from swine manure

Vanotti, M., USDA-ARS, USA

Uncertainty in the process of eutrophication: how should policy distribute the risk?

Bral, A., Ghent University, BE

Discussion on manure legislation effectiveness

18:00 - 18:30End of the conference
18:30 - 19:00Reception at Reception Room 'Willy van der Kuijlen' at the business club of PSV Eindhoven (Stadion Eindhoven).

This footbalclub plays in the Eredivisie, the Dutch football top division, since its inception in 1956. Along with Ajax and Feyenoord, PSV is one of the country's "big three" clubs that have dominated the Eredivisie.
19:00 - 19:45Visit to the Stadion of Eindhoven
19:45 - 22:30Conference dinner at Philips Stadion, in the Diner Room 'Casa Romario & Erik Gerets' at the business club of PSV Eindhoven.

Tuesday 28th November 2017

TimeframeConference part
8:30 - 9:00Registration and welcome coffee (Evoluon, Koepel)
9:00 - 9:15Presentation of the US dairy industry evaluation catalogue of manure treatment technologies and suppliers by Steve Rowe of Newtrient (Evoluon, Philips Hall)
9:15 - 10:30Duo presentation Danone – Friesland Campina (Evoluon, Philips Hall)

The presentations deal with the impact of agrofood concerns on the transition of manure processing towards a circular economy.
10:30 - 11:00Coffee break and poster session (Evoluon, Koepel)
11:00 - 13:00Round table discussions on the transition towards a circular economy (Evoluon, Ring)

During the round table discussions, all participants will get the possibility to discuss in small groups of 14 members, different topics related to the central theme of the conference, i.e. the transition of manure and digestate processing towards a circular economy:

Table 1: Technological feasibility (Chair: Jennifer Bilbao, Fraunhofer IGB, DE)

Table 2: Nutrient recovery from pilot to full-scale (Chair: Oscar Schoumans, WUR, NL)

Table 3: EU Nitrates Directive and manure in a processed form (Chair: Chris Thornton, ESPP)

Table 4: Economic Feasibility (Chair: Harm Wientjes, DLV Advies, NL)

Table 5: Cooperation between excess regions - Policy (Chair: Weert Sweers, Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen, DE)

Table 6: Cooperation between excess regions - Technology (Chair: Helmut Döhler, EUMANPRO, DE)

Table 7: Cooperation between excess and demand regions (Chair: Jeroen Buysse, Ghent University, BE)

Table 8: Marketing products from manure and digestate processing (Chair: Lieke Boekhorst, Boer op Advies, NL)

Table 9: Alternative uses for manure (Chair: Kees Kroes, LTO Noord, NL)

Table 10: Tailer-made fertilizers (Chair: Christophe Boogaerts, VLACO, BE)

Table 11: Public Awareness (Chair: Kimo Van Dijk, ESPP)

Table 12: Environmental effect of nutrient recovery from manure & digestate (Chair: Co Daatselaar, WUR, NL)

Table 13: Closing Nutrient Cycles in Agriculture and Food in NW Europe (Chair: Jan Buys, Provincie Noord-Brabant, NL)

Table 14: VERA – Verification of environmental technologies in agricultural production (Chair: Iris Beckert, VERA, De)

More information on the different table topics can be found here. When you are subscribed for the conference, the registration link for the different tables will be sent to you.

13:00 - 14:30Lunch and poster session (Evoluon, Koepel)
14:30 - 15:45

Fertilizing with manure, digestate and derived products

Chair: Bart Ryckaert, INAGRO, BE

Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment

Chair: Ludwig Hermann, Outotec GmbH & Co. KG, DE

Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment

Chair: August Bonmati-Blasi, GIRO, ES

Environmental impact of manure/digestate management and treatment

Chair: Georges Hofman, UGent, BE

Philips Hall

Enhancing nitrogen use efficiency of anaerobic digestate in a winter wheat cropping system

Sánchez-Rodríguez, A.R., Bangor University, UK

Nutrient recovery from wastewaters as high-valued hydroponic fertilizer and non-fertilizer products using hybrid ion exchange nanotechnology

Weinberg, E., ESSRE Consulting, Inc., CA

Nutrient isolation phosphorous removal and struvite prevention technology in dairy digested effluent and raw manure

Roa-Espinosa, A., Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Manure standards - joint guidelines for manure data and its use in the Baltic Sea Region

Luostarinen, S., Luke, FI

Phosphorous fertiizers efficiency compared in agronomic trials: struvite, an opportunity of reuse and recycle

Motta, S.R., ERSAF, IT

Potential of supercritical wet gasification for optimal valorisation of pig manure

Rulkens, W., WUR, NL

The production of stuvite from liquid fraction of digestates

Zangarini, S., Milan University, IT

Field experiments in using digestate products as subsitutes for mineral (N) fertilizer: agronomic performance, odours and ammonia emission

Orzi, V., Milan University, IT

Application of NIRS to determine the chemical composition of soid animal manure

Rietra, R., WUR, NL

Phosphorus recovery from biogas slurry by ultrasound/H2O2 digestion coupled with HFO/biochar adsorption process

Zhang, T., China Agricultural University, CN

Manure valorisation - turning a problem into a commodity

Bilbao, J., Fraunhofer IGB, DE

Determining manure nutrient concentration on farm level in pig husbandry in Flanders

De Bolle, S., VLM, BE

A framework for combined agronomic and economic evaluatoin of organic fertilizers

Buysse, J., Ghent University, BE

Effect of digestion time on ultrasonic disintegration of manure digestate

Somers, M., KUL, BE

Nitrogen recovery from a pig slurry and a digestate using a simplified stripping technology

Provolo, G., Milan University, IT

The Biogasdoneright model reduces the carbon footprint of the electric energy produced in biogas plants

Piccinini, S., CRPA, IT.

15:45 - 16:15Coffee break and poster session (Evoluon, Koepel)
16:15 - 17:30Plenary conclusions in the presence of the press (Evoluon, Philips Hall)

  - ManuREsource 2017 Poster Award

  - Concluding remarks of the debate and round table discussions

  - Presentation of the ManuREsource 2017 Position paper
17:30- 18:30Closing drink at Evoluon

Wednesday 29th November 2017 (subscription needed during registration at the conference)



Excursion part
NoonLunch sponsored by Province Gelderland